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About us

LINES | Design & Build Company, your go-to destination for comprehensive building solutions. We specialize in every aspect of the building process, from initial concept design and construction, to project management and beyond. With a keen eye for detail, we also excel in facilities maintenance management,  ensuring your structure remains in prime condition.


Established in 1993 as part of Balubaid Group,  LINES | Design & Build Company initially focused on constructing facilities within the group's portfolio.  In 2020, this in-house unit rebranded as CORE3,  extending its services to a wider client spectrum, and offering large-firm advantages at competitive prices.


In 2023, CORE3 – Projects Unit rebranded as LINES  to better represent its core services. This shift reflects a commitment to a distinct identity and a  renewed dedication to meeting evolving market needs. Today, LINES is a pivotal Balubaid Group company, known for its history of excellence and its continuous efforts to enhance capabilities.


Shaping a Future of the industry where design and  construction Innovation redefines environments, inspires spaces, and elevates lives.

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Leading the design and construction with creativity and high-quality solutions by an experienced team who transforming client visions into reality. We prioritize creativity, precision, and sustainability while maintaining affordability.

Meet the Team

Welcome to our team, the Creators Behind Lines Architecture

Image by Priscilla Flores


Design & design management

project construction & fitout

project management & supervision

Facility management & maintenance

We provide high-quality services tailored to meet the needs of our clients, delivering innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Our Clients

"Our projects are developed with the utmost attention to detail and quality to ensure our clients' visions are brought to life."
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